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First Try at Xcode 3.0 and Cocoa

March 14, 2008 13 comments

Finally something to write about codes…

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on Cocoa, I intend to create a simple application using Cocoa just to see how easy it is to create software using Apple Technology, because people always said that developing apps in Cocoa can saves you a lot of times better than Carbon C++.

Ok, first try I installed the Xcode 3.0 along with its documentations. Second, I tried to run the program, and create a new Cocoa project. Third, I opened the Documentations and found a simple and nice pdf file called ObjCTutorial.pdf created by Apple.

I’ve got all I need to create a simple Mac Apps. Next, I followed the step-by-step instructions from the pdf that Apple provide me. I understand the Objective C from the documentations, and then next thing I know I created a user interface using Interface Builder to create a window in Mac. And now, the real stuff, I need to create several classes in the project to make a real currency converter, I found out that Apple uses MVC design pattern for Cocoa delegate application, now here comes the most thing I hate about Apple documentations.

I tried to follow the tutorial on how to create a class in Interface Builder and save it as a class file. But, I was surprised that, Apple has mistakenly put the tutorial with the previous version of Xcode and Interface Builder, If I’m not mistaken, they created the tutorial using Xcode 2.x, and now I’m using Xcode 3.0, and the way we create a class is totally different in both versions. How can Apple forgot to update their documentation with the current version of Xcode, and this mistake took me an hour just to create a simple application.

I am not a Apple fanboy, I like Apple apps, because it’s simple and beautiful, but when it comes to tutorial for beginner, it’s really annoying, I like MSDN better.

That’s it for my first impression on Xcode.

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