SHSH for iPhone 3G

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Wow, Apple making things complicated for iPhone 3G, the culprit of why your iPhone 3G can not be restored into iOS 4 no longer is because Apple has soft blobs for iPhone 3G too now… GREAT

But no matter, if you open Cydia, it will automatically save your SHSHs into a file in its server, so bypassing Apple signature server is OK if you already has SHSH on Cydia.
Just read the Restore Error post before.

Hit is big, 177 for a day, seems you guys also has the same problem with me…

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Cannot Connect to Youtube on iOS 4

July 17, 2010 2 comments

I can’t seem to use Youtube app in iOS 4.0 jailbroken with Redsn0w, looking for a solution, found it.

1. Just open Cydia,
2. Then goto more package sources.
3. Install iPhoneModding
4. Go to search tab, and search for “Push Fix”, you should see it from iPhoneModding below the title.
5. Install it
6. Reboot Device.
7. Voila, Youtube now working, Push Notification, etc fixed.

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iPhone 3G Error 3194 when Restoring with iTunes…

July 17, 2010 168 comments

Apple just updated its Firmware version into iOS 4.0.1 that has cosmetic signal bar changes that will make your signal more accurate, they said, and with the first and second bar higher than before so it can be seen clearly.

Sadly enough, for you guys who wanted to erase or restore your iPhone 3G into iOS 4 using iTunes 9.2 will be out of luck, since Apple is no longer signing the version 4.0 anymore. Instead if you insist on restoring your iPhone 3G into iOS 4.0 instead of 4.0.1, you’ll have error 3194 on iTunes saying that your Device is not eligible for this build, bla.. bla..

This is unfortunate, you can not upgrade your iPhone 3G officially, but.

You can still restore it unofficially.
Basically when iTunes showing “Verifying with Apple bla…”, that means iTunes is checking for signature from Apple’s signature server. And guess what, Apple no longer sign your iOS 4.0 firmware which makes your device is not elligible for restore, unless you update with iOS 4.0.1, this is one way for apple to force its customer to upgrade into the latest firmware, so all hacks will be elliminated if one is provided in Apple’s latest firmware version.

Now, we can bypass this signature checking when iTunes contacting Apple by changing the server from Apple’s Signature Server into Cydia’s clone of Apple Server.

It’s easy (for Windows):
1. Fired up your cmd.exe, and make sure you have administrator privileges.
3. Type this: edit hosts
4. Add this to the last line:
5. [UPDATE]: Save the file (People asked me to add this, it’s a common knowledge tho when you change a file you must save it)
6. Restart your iTunes.
7. Put your iPhone 3G in recovery mode, by turn off the device first and pull the plug from your PC. Then press Home Button and connect your iPhone into your PC, then wait until the Recovery Icon shows up (iTunes icon with cable above it).
8. Now, restore your iPhone with your firmware iOS 4.0 (in windows using Shift + Restore, in mac using Options + Restore)
9. Voila, it will be restored succesfully, it’s fully working on my iPhone 3G.

You should notice the number 4 step is the bypass server, by pointing Apple Authentication domain into Cydia’s Server IP Address, this is trivial in unix, and thankfully, we can do this in Windows.

On Mac, it’s the same, except for the cmd.exe and the cd thing should be into /etc/hosts…

Enjoy your Jailbreak Restore…

The use of Cydia server doesn’t need you to download any software, but if you still having error using Cydia server, you can download TinyUmbrella from

You can then start its TSS server and replace the step number 4 with :

And still on the very same hosts file. Some people called it stupid, but this is simple way to bypass the iTunes from connecting to the real Apple Server, if you have better way to do this, just tell me…

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iOS 4 Cydia Fixed…

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The Problems that I have before where the Cydia always stuck in Downloading Packages forever (hang), it is now no longer exist, Saurik just updated Cydia to support iOS 4, some of them that got updated are:

1. Cydia
2. MobileSubstrate
3. UIKit Tools

Just update Cydia to the newest version, and it’ll be OK.

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iOS 4 First Look on iPhone 3G

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I upgraded the firmware into iPhone 3G iOS 4 with baseband 5.13.04

Restore using Apple Stock Firmware
Jailbreak using Redsn0w 0.95b-3
Unlock using ultrasn0w 0.93

The Result:

1. Cydia broken (this is due to redsn0w still in beta), need to reorganize and put the source repo to this :
2. Cydia is not fully working in iOS 4, this will cause downloading packages forever (hang). Since I enabled multitasking in my iOS 4, here’s the trick, let the download running, and I check for WiFi connection (check in the windows or mac), if it’s still connecting, meaning it’s still downloading, if it’s already disconnected, meaning it’s hang, so just double tap the home button, then press hold the cydia icon on the multitask bar, then remove it. Then rerun cydia again, and voila, the packages are updated ok. Perhaps stable redsn0w release will fix this.
3. xSellize repo is working
4. repo is not working, I really need this repo since I am needing the AppSync 4.0 it provided, xSellize doesn’t provide the AppSync 4.0 yet, so this is your best bet. After several trials it still won’t install the AppSync 4.0 due to the broken source, so to overcome this, the trick is, add the xSellize repo, it will update the dependencies that needed, and after add xSellize repo, voila AppSync 4.0 is installable.
5. Live Debugging still working in iOS 4 if you are using AppSync 4.0, just follow my previous post about Live Debugging on Jailbroken iPhone.
6. Installing Install0us is working perfectly.
7. All my unsigned Apps is now working perfectly using AppSync 4.0
8. A lot of Cydia’s Apps is not working, some are: Mobile Terminal, Cycorder, mxTube, SbSettings (some features are not working), and more….

What I like about iOS 4:
1. Folder, it’s nice to be able to organize things easily now, instead of using Cydia’s Categories, it gives you nice animation when you open a folder, and it will give your folder a smart name based on its content, this is cool.
2. Multitask, I always have problems using Backgrounder, it’s slowing down the app’s quit, but with Apple multitask, I can quit fast and remove the app from the multitask bar easily, no need something like Android TaskKiller.
3. Nice Look and Feel.

What I don’t like about iOS 4:
1. Dozens of Cydia’s Apps is not working, it always crashed, and yet the app still in the multitasking bar, I hate this. I need Cycorder.

Well, now I am waiting for iPhone SDK 4.0 to come out, and do some works on it….

Surprised again, now the hit is 116 per day, it’s getting bigger…

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iPhone 3G, 3G[s] Unlock for Firmware 5.12.01-5.13.04

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Good News,

For you who accidentally lock your iPhone into firmware 5.12.01 like me, you can unlock it now using ultrasn0w,
The dev team said it can unlock all firmwares since 3.0, which means it can unlock up to the latest version 5.13.04 baseband which is the baseband that iOS 4 included.

Just add a repo to your cydia into, install it, then reboot it, voila it worked for me… 5 bars full with TSEL network..

And another good news too, you can now jailbreak and hacktivate your iPhone 3G using iOS 4 with multitasking and home screen wallpaper by default using redsn0w 0.95 beta, I suggest you to switch on the verbose mode boot, since I hate to wait if my phone is booting or bricked by only seeing Apple logo, verbose mode give me informations what’s going and what’s wrong with the device, if it kernel panic, it will says so in the verbose mode.

I got surprised of how much visitors came to my blog, in a daily basis it was 55 hit per day, wow, and it’s getting bigger…

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Xcode 4

June 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Just saw a Xcode 4,

One of the thing that I am desperately want to have it in Xcode is integrated Interface Builder, and wow, Apple did made IB integrated in the Xcode.. Why I wanted it so bad, is because I hate to switch between program when designing interface and code from interface builder to Xcode, and this thing will make my life much easier.

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